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MAOS at Monterey High invites select local 8th grade students to participate in a day of planning, building and operating Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicles (ROV's) in the Monterey High pool. Students are paired withMAOS juniors and will work with representatives from the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI), Naval Post Graduate School, Marine Advanced Technology Education Center at MPC (MATE), and California State University, Monterey Bay."

Steinbeck Museum

Freshmen take this half-day trip to the Steinbeck Museum. After reading the novel Cannery Row by this legendary author, they are exposed to other works by him. Upon finishing the written assignment about Steinbeck's various novels, students are allowed to venture off and explore the art exhibit.


In late September, seniors take an all-day field trip to CalPoly at San Luis Obispo. This provides an excellent opportunity to get information about this popular college in the California State University system. Students are given a tour of the campus led by CalPoly students and are given a presentation from a representative from the admissions office. Students also have time to eat lunch on campus and visit the campus center and bookstore.

UC Berkley

Similarly juniors take an all-day trip to the University of California at Berkley. This gives students an opportunity to explore the UC system and to start planning for the future. Students are given a campus tour by university students and then are given a lecture by a campus administrator. After visiting the student union and the popular bookstore the student load the buses for the ride home. Each of these universities is an excellent way to expose high school students to college life.

The Wharf

Oceanographic Cruise

Wharf #2

Sophomores travel downtown Monterey for this half-day excursion. There they learn about the history and techniques of Monterey Bay fishing from Bob Anea, a local fisherman. Also on this trip, the students have a chance to use the sextant which is a navigational tool used by sailors. Techniques for the sextant were learned ahead of time in the students’ oceanography class. After the activities, the students head back to school just in time to join their classmates for lunch.

Field Studies

Agricultural tour in Salinas Valley

In affiliation with Monterey County Agricultural Education, Inc.

Cannery Row

This is the first field trip of the school year for freshmen. "A sense of community" is an overall theme for their studies in English, biology, and geography. In English they have been reading Steinbeck's Cannery Row. In biology, they have been studying the community existing in tide pools. A trip to Cannery Row affords a hands-on experience integrating the work of these classes. Students will visit the great tide pool where Doc did much of his collecting. They have the opportunity to see where the shops and houses mentioned in the novel were or are, including the original Doc's lab. A third component is a history lesson of the early settling of Pacific Grove, including the early Chinese settlement where Hopkins Marine Station is currently situated. As a culmination of this field trip experience, students will complete a project in their English class which will be presented to other students.

Del Monte Beach

The sophomores take this field trip every fall and are instructed by both MAOS teachers and the friendly people at Monterey Bay Kayaks. In the four hours that they are on the beach they participate in a variety of activities. These range from hearing the current kayak demo of Monterey Bay Kayaks to doing a lab on the slope of the sandy beach. Students utilize techniques learned in both math and science classes to accomplish accurately estimating the slope.

Elkhorn Slough

Every spring, the MAOS Freshman visit Elkhorn Slough, near Moss Landing. Students receive guided tours from Park Rangers, who discuss the various wildlife present at the Slough. As with most field trips, an assignment is due at the end of the day.

Hopkins Marine Station

This is a half-day trip for the juniors. They are led by graduate students who take the MAOS class around the station. They show the students the active working projects. This is an excellent opportunity for the MAOS class to think about internship possibilities either at Hopkins Marine Station or a similar facility.


In this field trip, freshmen are exposed to the beautiful Pt. Lobos. They are led by Ranger Chuck Bancraft and MAOS teachers as they explain marine intercoastal environments. There are two assignments on this trip that include "Become a Plant/Animal" and "Cypress Pt. Seal Rock."

Viticulture Tours

The study of the chemistry involved in winemaking.

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