Board of Directors 2017-18

The Board of Directors of Friends of MAOS is composed of individuals from a variety of backgrounds and talents. Some have backgrounds in research; others are involved in teaching on the secondary or college level at local schools.

Local business people, those skilled in public relations, institutional giving, fundraising, and other professions are also represented. Many of these board members are also parents of current MAOS students, blending the vibrant energy of parental interest with the expertise or insight from their own professional perspective.

Board of Directors 2017-18:

  • David Nemiroff (President)
  • Paul Jessen (Secretary)
  • Undine Lauer (Treasurer)
  • Kim Campbell
  • Maria DePaolis
  • Robin Didoszak
  • Ken Gordon
  • Callie Muller
  • Jennifer Ortiz
  • Monica Parsons
  • Rob Rhoades
  • Tracy Rhoades
  • Heather Rougeot
  • Natalie Webb
  • Toni Gibbs
  • Vean Jaff
  • Magali Hoisington

Friends of MAOS Board Meetings 2017-18:

With the exception of the first board meeting, all meetings will be on the second Wednesday of the month from 5:30-7pm in Room 70 (Mr. Woods' room):

Thursday, August 3 - 5:30pm

Wednesday, September 13 - 5:30pm
Wednesday, October 11 - 5:30pm
Wednesday, November 8 - 5:30pm
Wednesday, December 13 - 5:30pm
Wednesday, January 10 - 5:30pm
Wednesday, February 14 - 5:30pm
Wednesday, March 14 - 5:30pm
Wednesday, April 11 - 5:30pm
Wednesday, May 9 - 5:30pm
Wednesday, June 13 - 5:30pm (tentative)

Friends of MAOS

The function of the Friends of MAOS is to support MAOS, particularly in its financial needs. Acting through the Board and its officers, the Friends of MAOS raises funds for MAOS on a number of levels, including development and solicitation of grants from non-profit community foundations. This funding directly supports the hiring of teachers and critical programs and equipment needs of MAOS.

Anyone with an interest in the mission of MAOS is welcome to get more involved, including serving on the Board of Directors or one of its committees. Terms of services are three years, and openings occur annually at the end of each school year. The Board generally meets about six times a year for approximately one to two hours. Committees of the Board meet separately in support of critical missions such as funding development or finance.