MAOS Professional Advisory Panel 2016-17

The Professional Advisors Panel is made up of local researchers, scientists, educators, and community members who help facilitate internships, field study trips, guest speakers and other enriching activities that broaden the depth and scope of instruction in the MAOS program. The success of the MAOS program is largely due to our collaborative efforts with the many research and education facilities in the Monterey Bay and the support we receive from the business community for our internship program and our fundraising efforts.

We welcome individuals who feel they can contribute to the MAOS experience and would like to work with an intern or help facilitate an activity for the program. Please contact Professional Advisory Panel Chairperson Natalie Webb by email at

Priority Activities:

  • Recruiting professional mentors for MAOS internships and developing an annual catalogue of internship opportunities for use by MAOS students in considering possible projects.
  • Assisting teachers with long-term pilot projects to provide scientific field experience to students from various grades, beginning with intertidal biology surveys.
  • Enhancement of field trips, including hands-on elements and possible new trips
  • Providing guest speakers and career panel participants.
  • Suggesting curriculum enhancements drawing on programs and materials of their organizations.
  • Developing mechanisms for keeping MAOS informed about new activities or discoveries in their field (e.g. website postings, email newsletters, etc.)
  • Developing teacher training opportunities for MAOS teachers by local scientists/educators.
  • Providing advice and assistance to Friends of MAOS Board on related matters, (i.e., legal, financial, insurance, public relations).

Panel makeup:

Chairperson - Natalie Webb, PhD - Executive Director and Professor of Economics, Defense Resources Management Institute - NPS

Steve Clark - MAOS Founder and Former MAOS Science Teacher

Mike Dawson - Public Relations

Kevin Gomes - Software Engineer, MBARI (Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute)

Emily Gottlieb- Marine Conservation Educator, Pacific Grove Museum of Natural Science

Alison Haupt, PhD - Assistant Professor, School of Natural Sciences - CSUMB

Ray Meyers - Owner, Pet Fun - Salinas

Kevin Raskoff, PhD - Biology Department, MPC

Kim Reisenbichler - Senior Research Technician, Monterey Bay Research Institute (MBARI)

Cara Wilson - Research Oceanographer, NOAA (National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration)